Street Tree Work Completed in Greenpoint! 



We are able to plant new trees in existing, empty tree beds, replace dead trees, and cut new tree beds in the concrete sidewalk. The tree location must be on a city sidewalk in the public right-of-way. Please refer to the Park’s Department Planting Process for more in-depth information on how trees are planted.

Request Work - Tree Guard Installation.JPG


Tree guards beautify the block and provide many benefits for a tree. Tree guards are a deterrent to dogs whose waste can be harmful to the roots and trunk. They also discourage people from walking through the tree bed which compacts the soil and can eventually suffocate the tree roots. 


Request work - tree bed expansion 1.JPG


Many trees in Greenpoint were historically planted in very small tree beds. This can be problematic for a number of reasons: once a tree begins to grow, if it does not have adequate space the roots can push up the surrounding concrete, creating a tripping hazard. By increasing the soil volume, we create a healthier growing environment and enable your tree to grow to its fullest potential. 

Request work - block removal.JPG


Cobble stone, Belgian block, and even concrete blocks installed in tree beds long ago can create tripping hazards, inhibit tree growth, and are often an eyesore. Removing the blocks and adding soil and mulch to the tree bed provides a better growing environment for the tree and a more pleasing streetscape.