Celebrate Water, Honor the Land at Manhattan Avenue Street End Park

A new native perennial meadow was planted in Manhattan Avenue Street End Park bordering Newtown Creek with the help of amazing volunteers!

Greening Greenpoint joined the Greenpoint Eco School and Newtown Creek Alliance to plant nearly 800 native perennials in the crescent-shaped in the only park on Newtown Creek! Check out the slideshow below to see the work in progress and finished product and be sure to visit Manhattan Avenue Street End Park!

635th Tree Planted by Greening Greenpoint in Transmitter Park

Celebrating 635 New Trees in Greenpoint!

Greening Greenpoint was joined by Assembly Member Joseph Lentol, Benjamin Solotaire from Council Member Stephen Lentol’s Office, Richard Mazur from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, Friends of Transmitter Park, and Greenpoint community members to celebrate the planting of the 635th tree of the project! The Swamp White Oak was planted on the Trasnmitter Park lawn on Friday, June 7th, and is the final tree planted as part of the GCEF-funded Greening Greenpoint project.

Go Green! Brooklyn Festival 2019

Greening Greenpoint tabled with Greenpoint Tree Corps at the 12th annual Go Green! Brooklyn Festival in McCarren Park this past Saturday!

Festival attendees viewed a poster illustrating the accomplishments of the Greening Greenpoint project and signed up for Greenpoint Tree Corps’ email list be informed about upcoming tree care events in Greenpoint! If you are interested in learning more about and getting involved with Greenpoint Tree Corps, check out their Instagram page here and email greenpointtreecorps@gmail.com to sign up for their email list!

Creating a Green Corridor on Paidge Avenue

Over 400 more native perennials, 30 native shrubs, and 6 native trees were added to the growing green corridor on Paidge Avenue leading to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk

Students from the Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design helped plant more native trees, shrubs, and perennials on Paidge Avenue to continue to create a green corridor running through the industrial area surrounding the nature walk! Adding these plants will benefit pollinators by providing habitat space for them to stop on when travelling between Newtown Creek and the rest of Greenpoint!

Manhattan Avenue Tree Stewardship with Greenpoint Tree Corps

Volunteers joined Greening Greenpoint and Greenpoint Tree Corps on Sunday, May 19th, to plant 75 native perennials in 10 street tree beds on Manhattan Avenue, between Ash and Dupont Streets!


The compacted soil was broken up using shovels and cultivators to add perennials and ensure that rain water street trees depend on in the summer is able to reach their roots!

Stay connected and learn tree care tips by following Greenpoint Tree Corps’ Facebook and Instagram pages!

Native Perennials and Shrubs on Paidge Avenue, Phase 1

Greening Greenpoint and Newtown Creek Alliance began planting a green corridor on Paidge Avenue leading to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk on Friday, May 10th with the help of students from the Williasmburg High School for Architecture and Design!

Students planted over 500 native perennials and 20 native shrubs in a previously unused stretch of sidewalk lawn strip on the south side of Paidge Avenue between Clay and Provost Streets! The planting is part of the GCEF-funded Greening the Industrial Shoreline of Newtown Creek project which will plant over 2,000 native perennials, 50 native shrubs, and 15 native trees near the creek by the end of June.

We’ll be back to plant more on the north side of the street at the end of May!

Native Perennials on Manhattan Ave.!

Check out nearly 200 new perennials planted in 15 tree beds on Clay Street, Manhattan Avenue, and Box Street!

A huge thank you to staff and volunteers from 1133 Manhattan Ave. for breaking up the compacted soil in these tree beds! Planting native perennials and spreading mulch adds color and will help ensure that spring rain makes its way to the trees’ roots to keep Greenpoint green!

Nature Printmaking with Eckford Street Studio

This past Monday we were joined by Eckford Street Studio in Bushwick Inlet Park for an evening of printmaking and art exploration as well as a brief tree care presentation by Greening Greenpoint. Check out some of the amazing prints made during the workshop below!

Eckford Street Studio Community Projects is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization aimed at reaching all children and families of North Brooklyn, regardless of income or experience Learn more about Eckford Street Studio and the classes they offer for children and adults in Greenpoint here!

Permaculture in NYC Presentation with Andrew Faust

Permaculture expert Andrew Faust gave a presentation on the history, principles, and applications of Permaculture design at Bushwick Inlet Park on Friday, February 8th! Over 30 sustainability enthusiasts joined us to learn about the potential for Permaculture to be used to retrofit cities like New York to create more dynamic and livable environments.

Mulchfest 2019 in McCarren Park

Greening Greenpoint was joined by over 30 volunteers for NYC Parks Mulchfest 2019 in McCarren Park! Holiday trees were chipped into mulch on-site and spread over more than 100 street tree beds on blocks surrounding the park. Trees New York led a pruning outing in McCarren with a group of Citizen Pruners, removing two truck beds full of branches which were mulched in the park.

The rest of the mulch will be used by NYC Parks in parks, gardens, and planting areas throughout the year!

Tree Planting Covenant in Transmitter Park

On Sunday, October 28th, Friends of Transmitter Park, American Indian Community House, Greenpoint Tree Corps, and Greening Greenpoint met in Transmitter Park to complete the tree planting covenant that took place during the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Symposium earlier this month.

A young Virginia pine tree was planted in Transmitter Park’s Kent St. Meadow to give homage to nature. Representatives from American Indian Community House, Friends of Transmitter Park, and Greenpoint Tree Corps shared reflections on the preceding event and honored the planting of the Virginia pine with the reading of a poem.

Botanical Illustration Workshop with Wendy Hollender

We had a great time learning introductory techniques with professional botanical artist Wendy Hollender this Wednesday.  Although the workshop was moved indoors because of the unfavorable weather, 17 community members joined us to learn how to create art inspired by trees and plants present in Greenpoint parks and streets!  Look through the slideshow below to see Greenpoint's artists in action and some of the incredible drawings that were created during the workshop!

You can learn more about Wendy and view her art here!

Meet Greening Greenpoint's Summer Intern, Hannah!

hannah bio pic.jpg

Hannah Soros is an environmental science major going into their second year at Cornell University. They are passionate about horticulture, natural resource preservation, botanical art, and environmental education. Hannah is extremely excited to join the team at Greening Greenpoint as an intern this summer, and looks forward to improving the green spaces and natural resilience of the city where they grew up. In their free time, Hannah can be found drawing plants, drinking coffee, and thinking about how great it would be to live on a sheep farm.

Tree Care on Norman and Kingsland Wildflowers Tour

Greening Greenpoint and Newtown Creek Alliance partnered up for a second stewardship event in June to help out some trees on Norman Ave. in Greenpoint's industrial area.  Volunteers stewarded 5 tree beds along Norman and got a tour of Kingsland Wildflowers native green roof!  Check out the slideshow below to see what we pulled out of the tree beds and the incredible views from the green roof! 

Medicinal Tree Walk Through McCarren Park

Greening Greenpoint celebrated the summer solstice with local herbalist and owner of Rooted Things Apothecary, Maya Robinson.  Maya led us on a walk through McCarren Park featuring the medicinal and energetic properties of trees we pass by everyday in Greenpoint such as Linden, Serviceberry, Mulberry, Sweetgum, Catalpa, White Oak, and Ginkgo. 

Jane's Walk 2018

Retracing Bushwick Creek: A walk through Greenpoint's history with Geoffrey Cobb

Greening Greenpoint participated in Jane's Walk 2018 with a free guided walk along the Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront led by expert Greenpoint historian Geoffrey Cobb on Saturday, May 5th.  The walk was run twice for a total of 55 participants who learned about Greenpoint's history and how it has been shaped by the geography of Bushwick Creek.  

Earth Weeks in Lentol Garden With Greenpoint Eco Schools

Classes from Greenpoint's Eco Schools celebrated Earth Weeks from April 16th to 27th with field trips to Lentol Garden!

Students participated in scavenger hunts and planted native grasses and trees throughout the garden.  96 students visited the garden and planted a total of 4 trees and 216 perennials!

Earth Day Tree Care on Kingsland Avenue

Happy Earth Day from Greening Greenpoint!

We celebrated with 20 volunteers this Sunday, April 22nd, by stewarding trees on Kingsland Avenue between Norman and Greenpoint Avenues.  Our amazing volunteers cleared, cultivated, and mulched 31 trees beds along this stretch of Kingsland!